Esab Sentinel A50 Review – Best Welding Helmet, Hood (2021)

Esab Sentinel A50 Review – Overview 

Esab Sentinel A50 Overview

Looking for a perfect welding helmet? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We stumbled upon this magnificent product, and we had to talk about it!

The Sentinel A50 is the kind of auto-darkening welding helmet that immediately catches your eyes when you’re passing right before it. The Sentinel A50 welding helmet will amaze you with its attractive and modern lens shade range design that makes you want to find out more about its features!

There’s a saying that goes, “Never judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to the Esab Sentinel A50 welding helmet, both the cover and the book are amazing! Find out more about this helmet’s features and benefits by reading out welding helmet review!

Features and Benefits

Attractive design

We know this is not about the looks, but we just can’t ignore them! This Esab Sentinel A50 welding helmet has such an attractive design and superb lens that it will immediately get you hooked on it. The Esab Sentinel A50 is ergonomic, lightweight, and won’t put a lot of pressure on your cervical spine so that you will be able to wear it for a longer time, more than 8 hours a day, without any problems.

Also, the Esab Sentinel A50 welding helmet comes in various colors and with multiple designs, so you can choose the best one that suits your tastes. You can be cool while working and weld safely, too! The Sentinel A50 auto darkening helmet protects you from dangerous situations!

ESAB SENTINEL™ A50 WELDING HELMET - Comfortable cushion

Comfortable cushion

After seeing how cool the Sentinel A50 looks, we have to admit that the first thing that we wanted to do was try it on for this Esab Sentinel A50 review! And then, we came to another surprise: this hard hat is adjustable to fit your dimensions, and it has a cushion on the inside.

This cushion makes the Sentinel A50 comfortable and easy to wear for a long time since it perfectly supports the head and neck. It is lightweight, so it doesn’t put extra pressure on the cervical spine, and you won’t even feel it’s there!

Durable and resistant

This high-performance helmet is made out of durable and resistant materials that will make it stand the test of time! Of course, weight is important too. The welding helmet should not be a burden when it comes to moving freely while welding. A heavier helmet also hurts your neck and puts extra pressure on the cervical column, so it is also important for your health to choose a lightweight welding helmet.

The weight of the helmet depends on the material that the helmet is made out of. Lightweight helmets are usually made out of fiberglass, but nowadays, there are many other light materials available. This helmet has a coating material that deflects sparks and protects you.

Also, if you’re planning to wear this helmet for a longer period (like >8 hours a day) as we did for this Esab Sentinel A50 review, then you should know that its lightweight, comfortable cushion on the inside, and being adjustable allows the perfect fit. 


This is the most important aspect you should have in mind when choosing a type of welding helmet. This helmet offers you protection from radiation and is compatible with most welding types you will be performing.

For example, if you’re about to do MIG welding, you should wear a welding helmet compatible with this type of welding. 

The Esab Sentinel A50 helmet allows you to do MIG or TIG welding. It perfectly protects your eyes against radiation and dangerous situations where your safety is compromised, and you could get seriously injured. It is coated with a material that deflects sparks.

State of the art features

State of the art features of the Sentinel A50

Although affordable, this helmet comes with many features usually available only in more expensive welding equipment, such as a high-quality LCD screen with memory settings. The Esab Sentinel A50 is a helmet with an attractive and comfortable design and a variable shade auto-darkening mode.

This is an important feature, controlled by an LCD touchscreen since most of the time, welding takes place in low light environments. The light that comes from the welding process creates high contrast that is dangerous for our eyes. That’s where the auto-darkening filter with 4 sensors for variable shade comes in.

It automatically adjusts the light that comes to your eyes through the viewing area lens for optimal 1/2 optical clarity. The variable shade range filter that works with the viewing area allows you to see all the working area’s details and welding process with superb clarity. You can also adjust it using the external grind mode button for optimal viewing while in grind mode. This also protects your eye’s health in the long term, and it is perfect for those who often weld and grind.

Although it might sound like a feature that is not so important for your well-being, you will definitely notice a difference after wearing this helmet for a longer time than usual!

Other features include:

  • external grind mode button
  • five-point hard hat adapter
  • excellent optical clarity
  • full color LCD touch screen
  • 3 93 X 2 36-inch TIG welding rods, 3 93 X 2 36-inch MIG welding rods
  • memory settings
  • top of the line 1/2 optical-class lens (anti-scratch)
  • color lenses
  • 4 sensors

True color technology

The Sentinel A50 - True color technology

There used to be a classic welding helmet that workers used to use back in the day. This helmet had a lime green shade filter, but clarity was sub-par – you couldn’t see much looking through it.

When thinking about it, we can’t help but wonder how welders managed to use it. Luckily, nowadays, there are helmets like the Esab Sentinel A50 that protect our eyes from getting tired while allowing us to see everything with clarity.

That’s why it’s important to choose a welding helmet with true color technology, and variable shade settings included and allow you to see the details of your work and working area. This way, you can do precise welding, and your work will be more durable and stand the test of time.

You won’t struggle to see, and in the long term, the true view technology, clarity of the lens, and LCD screen also protect your eye’s health. When using the lime green filter, our vision adjusts to seeing in that shade palette, so when we take off the mask, our eyes have a hard time processing all the colors outside. In the long term, this could be dangerous for our health and vision.

Warranty Certificate

Worried that somehow you might manage to break this helmet? Well, the manufacturing company thought about that, too! This wonderful helmet comes with many accessories, including a front cover and replaceable lens, and a lot of other useful tools.

It has a one-year warranty certificate, and you can also return this product in 30 days if you aren’t happy with how it performs. We haven’t heard anyone complain about it, though! 

How does it work in practice? 

Although the first thing that we noticed when we did this Esab Sentinel A50 review was its attractive design, you should not overlook its features either! Esab Sentinel A50 comes with some state of the art features that you will only find in heavy-duty industrial welding helmets that come with a much higher price. 

“Attractive design, modern features – Esab Sentinel A50”

One of them is the clear lens auto-darkening filter that helps the user’s eyes to adjust in low-light environments, where the light created by welding creates a high contrast that affects vision. This way, you can perform precise welding or use the grind mode even in not so well lit environments, thanks to the top of the line variable shade optical-class lens.

This helmet’s halo headgear comes with a five-point adjustable band and has a cushion inside that provides the user with a higher level of comfort. The fact that the halo headgear is adjustable makes it easier to fit you perfectly to wear it for a longer time without stressing your neck. 

“Comfort and safety before anything else – Esab Sentinel A50”

It is also made out of high-quality durable, and resistant materials that are also lightweight so that it doesn’t put any extra pressure on your cervical spine. You will be able to move around freely, and you won’t even notice it’s there.


Our Esab Sentinel A50 review confirms that it is everything we wish for when welding helmets. It has an attractive design that is available in multiple colors and models. It is also adjustable and comfortable so you can wear it without any problems, even for 8 hours a day.

It is one of the most modern welding helmets available on the market. Although it is affordable, it comes with some features like a grind button, LCD screen, true view lens, variable shade range, superb optical clarity, large viewing area, and welding supplies that normally only come with heavy-duty industrial equipment that comes with a much higher cost.

It is easy to use and extremely efficient in protecting you from radiation from MIG, TIG, plasma-cutting, MM, and Plasma Arc Welding. It is easy to use and set up, and it comes with a starter kit that includes a replacement lens.

We have to admit that the Esab Sentinel A50 is the best welding helmet that we could find available on the market. It is affordable, easy to use, adjustable, and comfortable, and it just has that something that makes you want to have it as soon as possible.

This helmet is also efficient, and in the long run, it protects your vision and eye health. It is also durable and resistant, and it is coated with a material that deflects sparks. The next time you need a welding helmet – this is the one. What more could you wish for?