Welding Helmets Reviews – Best Mask, Auto Darkening (2021)

Best Welding Helmet: Our Top Picks

Here are our best welding helmet reviews.

The best overall welding helmet: YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen LYG-M800H

“This welding helmet comes with a new technology: the quality of improvising visibility that will reduce your eye strain”

The best electric welding helmet: Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350

“Very comfortable, this welding helmet provides a personalized fit, is auto-darkening and the new giant viewing area gives you the ability to see the landscape around it.”

The best auto-darkening welding helmet: YESWELDER LYG-L500A-A

“Colorful, chic and very useful, this welding helmet auto darkening provides superior comfort due to its improved features”

The best protection with ultra large viewing welding helmet: TekwareWH009–BLACK/MOTO90

“This helmet is unique through its double liquid crystal layer and auto-darkening filter that will give you perfect protection from all sides.”

The best clarity and wide-screen view: YESWELDERLYG-M800D

“The YESWELDERLYG-M800D  welding helmet has a better clarity with true color view, besides the fact that the battery life is increased and 4 premium sensors will improve not only how you see, but also how much you’ll see.”

The best design with high impact resistance: ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel Welding Helmet

“The revolutionary welding helmet is ergonomic and very comfortable. It helps you to get the job done more easily due to its next-generation technology.”

The best balance between performance and convenience: Antra AH6-260 Series

“The full-featured ANTRA AH6 260 welding helmet is perfect for industrial-grade work because it is durable and provides neck and head protection.”

The best solar powered welding helmet: Deko DNS-800S Super Viewing

“With any welding helmet all that matters is how good you see through it, and when it comes to this, the DNS-800S Super Viewing deserves an A+”.

The best fibre-metal welding helmet, with a compact design: 280-110-WH Adjustable Ratchet Headgear

“Specially designed for pipe welders, the Fibre-Metal helmet is resistant and compact, and the ratchet headgear assures a very secure fit.”

Which is the best welding helmet?

#1. Top overall welding helmet: YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen LYG-M800H

Top overall welding helmet: YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen LYG-M800H

YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen LYG-M800H is one of the best welding helmets on the market if you want a professional welding helmet because it offers not only a good price but also a large view with premium sensors. The welding helmet auto darkening meets the safety and technical standards and the True View lens technology and excellent optical class improve drastically the visibility.

The new technology enhances the operator control and the headgear provides a personalized fit due to its settings and adjustability.

The four arc sensors provided help you see a clear welding arc, and the multi-band headband is comfortable and very easy to adjust. The screen is large and minimizes the traditional lime green coloring. The high-quality helmet is perfect for every welder who is searching for super large viewing with optical clarity.

The replaceable battery gives you the opportunity to save money and time and the good thing is that it will protect your eyes during work.

It comes with 2 replacement exterior screens, a bag, and a replaceable battery, so you’ll be set up for quite a while before you have to buy new replacements. It is a great value for the money!

#2. Top electric welding helmet: Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350

Top electric welding helmet: Lincoln Electric K3034-4 VIKING 3350

When it comes to this welding helmet, the optics, comfort, and productivity make a perfect mix. The weight of it is distributed uniformly and this is how the pressure is eliminated.

If you want to switch quickly from weld to grinding mode, all you have to do is to press the external grinding mode button, which is very easy to find. The new features and the exclusive 4C lens technology and 1/1 optical class provide a clear view of the arc.

Here we are talking about the Lincoln Electric 3350 auto darkening welding Viking helmet, a well-known brand that has 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating. Lens shade range imperfections don’t exist, and the brightness is at an optimal level.

It comes with internal lenses, external lenses, a bag, headbands, and a manual, so you can know how to use it properly. The headgear is adjustable and it’s a great fit for everybody. A unique feature of this helmet is the sunlight differentiation, so even if you weld outside wearing it, you’ll make the difference between the welding arc and the sunlight without pressing any buttons. The  X Mode feature eliminates triggering in bright sunlight.

It has a very nice, good viewing range and the clarity is on point, and for its price, it gives a lot of useful features that help you get the job done.

#3. Top auto-darkening welding helmet: YESWELDER LYG-L500A-A

Top auto-darkening welding helmet: YESWELDER LYG-L500A-A

The YESWELDER LYG-L500A-A show some pretty new features. The design is unique, very light, and comfortable, and due to the updated headgear, it offers improved support for a better fit. The ratcheting in the back of it helps you to adjust the helmet to be perfect for your head, and besides that, there are other adjustments to it that you can adapt to personalize it.

What’s amazing about this product is the cheater lens that provides a clear view and the true view technology sustains better visibility, so you can’t forget about the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet and keep your eyes safe.

This auto-darkening helmet is also great for those with eye problems, and the value for money is astonishing. It is made out of good material, it’s flexible and the design is great.

#4. Top protection with ultra large viewing welding helmetTekware WH009–BLACK/MOTO90

Top protection with ultra large viewing welding helmet: Tekware WH009--BLACK/MOTO90

When it comes to the latest technology to protect your eyes, the Tekware WH009–BLACK/MOTO90 welding helmet respects all the requirements. The headgear is hemispherical and provides protection from all sides. The ultraviolent, infrared, and other harmful rays have no chance with this helmet because of the built-in shade level filter that works independently and provides continuous protection with or without any power source.

As you can tell, True View technology improves visibility and reduces drastically the lime green tint. The square inches of the viewing area and the auto darkening lens shade range are impressive which makes it one of the best models and very comfortable for continuous wear.

The headgear is very comfortable, adjustable, with a cushion on the back of it for more protection.  It is fashionable and looks futuristic, but that doesn’t matter for welding. The materials are durable and if you are looking for a long-term investment this welding helmet is just right for you because it provides excellent quality.

#5. Top clarity and wide-screen viewYESWELDER LYG-M800D

Top clarity and wide-screen view: YESWELDER LYG-M800D

This helmet is the improved version of YESWELDER LYG-M800D. The super large viewing with four sensors provides a crystal clear view. As we know already, the YESWELDER comes to us with True View Technology for optical clarity that allows us to see more and better.

The clarity of view prior to striking an arc is amazing and the headgear is very comfortable and adjustable, to be a great fit for anyone. When you do your job, you have to be honest, you want to look cool too! So, besides the fact that this model is very practical, the design is also chic and pretty.

In a few words, it is professional, cheap, and very convenient and it comes with two extra clear lenses for the helmet, a bag, and an instruction manual.  The headgear is a perfect fit for every head because it has some adjustments and the fixed shade filter is very clear, blue tint, no green.

#6. Top design with high impact resistanceESAB 0700000800 Sentinel Welding Helmet

Top design with high impact resistance: ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel Welding Helmet

After years of producing welding helmets like the ESAB Sentinel A50, the most resistant helmet is now on the market, and its name is ESAB 0700000800 Sentinel Welding Helmet. The comfort is crucial, and this helmet respects that. It has 3 straps for adjustment, so you can share it with your friends or co-workers very easily.

The shell design is similar to the Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Dark Welding Helmet and very suitable to protect against any kind of accident, and the durable and strong material is resistant and ergonomic. The square inches of viewing area means you can see what you need to see.

It comes with a helmet bag, some clear inner lenses, a bunch of outer clear lenses, and a welding hat.

On the outside, the helmet has a grind mode button and X mode button that allows you to switch between the modes without having to take the hood off.  The optical clarity rating is 1/1/1/2, which is pretty good for a regular helmet.

The digital elite display screen is very friendly and helps you to do a better job.

#7. Optimal balance between performance and convenienceAntra AH6-260 Series

Optimal balance between performance and convenience: Antra AH6-260 Series

The auto-darkening welding helmet is full-featured and makes a great fit for professional welders, DIYers, occasional welders, and even welding school students. What is great about the Antra AH6-260 0000 Series auto darkening welding helmet is that it detect any welding arc.

The Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 filters UV/IR ensure that no harmful light can pass and its design offers full neck and head protection. We all know that welding produces a lot of particles that can be harmful to any welders, but the model AH6-260 provides full coverage, so you can do your job stress-free.

The Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 lens is crystal clear and capable of suppressing the whole welding process and this super-fast auto darkening welding helmet gives you the opportunity to see clearly before and during the welding process.

Even for those people who need vision correction, the lens is perfect and very convenient. The headgear is lightweight, with a lot of adjustments, and very flexible.

The interface of it is fully automatic and has different options that make your job easier.

#8. Top solar powered welding helmetDeko DNS-800S Super Viewing

Top solar powered welding helmet: Deko DNS-800S Super Viewing

This auto darkening solar powered welding helmet gives optimal eye protection due to its auto-darkening filter switch, so your eyes will not get any strain. It offers super protection even in cases of electric failures, with the Deko DNS-800S Super Viewing you can protect yourself from UV and IR radiation no matter what.

Besides that, the manual adjustment meets different needs. It is equipped with sensitivity and delay settings, which make a great fit for every task and environment.

The view is very clear, being equipped with a huge viewing area, similar to the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet. The welder will be able to see clearly at every angle because the light is diffused perfectly by the variable shade filter.

Most of those who already tried this product said that it is intelligent and cost-effective. Due to the auto-darkening setting, the variable shade of the lens is adapted continuously.

It comes with a clear cover replacement and a bag. The materials are great, so expect to last you several years, and for this price, this welding helmet is a real bargain.

#9. Top fibre-metal welding helmet, with a compact design: 280-110-WH Adjustable Ratchet Headgear

Top fibre-metal welding helmet, with a compact design: 280-110-WH Adjustable Ratchet Headgear

Last, but not the least, this fibre-metal welding helmet is the real deal. It is perfect for pipe welders because it is durable, made from SuperGlas Plus material. It gives you the chance to access the tight areas where most standard welding helmets don’t fit properly.

It is lightweight and super-smooth to deflect sparks, and it offers clear safe vision, having a filter for UV and IR radiation. The headgear is adjustable, deeply offset and the exclusive `free-floating` arms stabilize the helmet for your head.

It is relatively flexible but is perpendicular to your neck, so if you want to take a break you’ll have to take the helmet off and then put it on again. The good part is that it offers protection, and the possibility to look down without the helmet consistently falling down your face.

This is not a variable shade helmet, not an auto-darkening one, but you can get two by four and a quarter inch little auto darkening welding helmet lenses, so anything can be improved.

If none of the above meet your needs, consider these alternative picks:

  • 3M Speedglas Welding Helmets
  • Jackson Safety 46131 Welding Helmet &Digital Elite Filter
  • Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Dark Welding Helmets
  • Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmets
  • Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmets 2020
  • Sentinel A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmets
  • Instapark ADF Series GX-500S Welding Helmets
  • Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Welding Helmets
  • Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Best welding helmet – FAQ

What is the best welding helmet?

The best helmet is the YESWELDER Large Viewing Screen LYG-M800H, as we said before. This is a very good value with 4 arc sensors that give you the chance to see a clear arc in good reaction time.

The materials from which it is made are very strong, qualitative and it can be used for at least 2 years. The multi-band headgear is perfectly adjustable for a comfortable fit and is very easy to use, to adjust the grind mode and weld from outer control.

The true view technology is a new setting that provides a clear view, and it is very comfortable for the eyes. This is not expensive at all, and most of the welders have said that it is a great investment.

What is the best welding helmet for the money?

The best welding helmet for the money is the YESWELDER LYG-L500A-A. It has a great price and it happens to be out of stock very often. The color features are great for every person, it is adjustable and has an awesome design.

It is affordable for an auto-darkening welding helmet and provides protection from UV and IR rays to level 16#.

For this money, it comes with replacement lenses and a bag. It is comfortable, very functional, and provides good protection.

Even if you are a professional welder or not, this helmet will do a perfect job for you, being very lightweight and practical.

What is the best optrel welding helmet?

The VegaView 2.5 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet 1006.600. This is a very high-quality helmet, and the color seen through it is clear.

Wearing this helmet you will be able to see the difference in the material, being also very comfortable and easy to use.

Flexible and lightweight, the helmet comes with the latest optic fixed shade technology so you can enjoy a detailed true-color view every time. It is auto-darkening and the headgear is adjustable.

What should I look for in a welding helmet?

Firstly, you should look for a helmet that is adjustable because it has to be perfect for your head, so it can protect you. Its purpose is to protect you from dangerous levels of UV radiation that are produced by arc welding.

You should pay attention to the welding lenses too. These come in a variety of shades from eight to fourteen, eight being the least dark as in the Instapark ADF Series GX-500S, and some people prefer that because they can see better, and fourteen being the most dark. Ten is what you see the most often sold in the welding shops.

It depends very much on your job if you are a professional welder or an amateur.

What is important when we are looking for the best welding helmet?

Here’s our buyer’s guide…

Regardless of the type of welding work you do, you want to do it in a professional way, you are permanently exposed, so it is necessary to invest in a welding helmet that protects your head and vision.

Therefore, given that eye protection is the most important aspect, it is vital to find out as quickly as possible where professional welders can find welding helmets, at a good price, like the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350, and what the most important features are that a welding helmet should have.

Large viewing area

A good and practical helmet has a large viewing area for better MIG/TIG welding. It is important that you can see every contour and edge that you weld, and the viewing area must be big enough for that.

A large viewing area is nice and it helps prevent strain and neck fatigue. It’s particularly useful when you’re in a tight, awkward position. When we are talking about the viewing area, the size really matters, but it kind of depends on what type of welding (MIG/TIG) job you do.

With a viewing area of 12.11 square inches, the 3M Speedglas welding helmet has one of the largest field-of-views available.


You are most interested in the weight of the product because you will wear it, and depending on this, you will know how comfortable or uncomfortable the helmet can be for long use. If you analyze enough opinions about the best welding helmets, you will come to the same conclusion as us: the ideal weight for such a product is 500g or less, like the Jackson Safety range.

For the more complex helmets, you will also find a higher weight, of 900 – 1000g. Everything that exceeds one kilogram has lower ergonomics. It is important to be lightweight because nobody wants a heavy helmet and a neck ache.

You spend a lot of time wearing your hood, so this has to be as comfortable as it can get.

Filter type

There are two main specific variants as configuration: conventional welding hood and electronic welding hood. The differences are mainly related to technology, ergonomics, and costs.

For those who need a quick and cheap solution, we indicate the choice of classic variants, equipped with passive lenses, like the Jackson Safety BH3. These are practically pieces of glass that have been treated with a special coating, the opacity is numbered by 10 for all models.

The lens has the role of filtering UV and infrared radiation, and normally this is a window through which the welder can not distinguish the images, but only the electric arc when it is formed.

If you are not an experienced welder or do not practice this process professionally, it is better to avoid parts with passive lenses, because fine welds are difficult to achieve when you do not know how to properly appreciate the distances, and after a whole day of use you will wake up with pain in the neck muscles after so many visors fall.

If you feel that you can make an investment in line with modern technologies, we recommend you buy an LCD welding mask. Basically, an auto darkening welding helmet consists of a special ADF (auto darkening filter) with liquid crystals, whose darkening will be automatic, after the electric arc is formed. You’ll get the best results with a 1/2 or 1/1 optical clarity.


The starting opacity is noted at a value of 3 or 4, so at the beginning, even with the eyes protected by the hood you will be able to see details and how to properly position the electrode for welding. With a good variable auto dark helmet, a set of four sensors detects the light intensity recorded when the arc is activated and immediately changes the opacity of the screen to the appropriate level for the amount of radiation emitted.

It is about intelligent technology, which calculates exactly the level of opacity needed for protection in a few fractions of a second. In this way you get rid of sore throats, the eyes are optimally protected, and the accuracy of the welding can be higher, allowing precision welding.

Indeed, the purchase price is high, and the automatic welding mask is dependent on a power source (lithium batteries, solar power, etc.) to directly activate the capacities for the LCD helmet lens, but it is perfect for beginners and amateurs or even professionals.

Power supply

It can be based on solar power or lithium batteries.

If you know that you never forget to replenish your battery supply, nothing stops you from choosing a suitable model. Energy consumption can be quite high in this case, so you will need to change the energy source relatively often. If you don’t want to always have this worry, opt for a variant with a mini solar power panel and a Li-Ion battery.

The only drawbacks to this technology are the higher cost and the risk of running out of power in the battery even when you need to weld, despite the fact that the mask is powered by the welding flame.

Functions and features

In this case, we will discuss the possible settings for the automatic welding hood, and these can be: sensitivity control (allows setting the minimum light intensity that triggers the sensor, grind mode, X mode, etc.), delay filter control (adjust the time in which the opacity of the visor returns to a low value after stopping the electric arc, very useful feature for high amperage welding), the number of sensors (accepted as 2 for semi-professional welding and 4 for industrial scale welding), and the adjustability of the fastening straps ( which guarantees an efficient grip and more comfort for the wearer).