Welding Goggles – Best Auto Darkening Safety Glasses (2021)

Best Welding Safety Glasses: Our Top Picks

The best welding safety glasses overall: NoCry Safety Glasses

NoCry Safety Glasses protect your eyes from sawdust, small rocks, flying woodchips, and almost every kind of threat, with clear anti-fog scratch glass.”

The best dual mold goggles: Dewalt DPG82-11C

“The Dewalt DPG82-11C glasses come with ventilation channels, are adjustable and comfortable, and provide tough protection against fogging.”

The most stylish, classic, but protective glasses: MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50

MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50are the glasses that you can wear without feeling weird. They are perfect for people who want both style and protection at work.”

The best mix, safety glasses with reading glass: Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal

These safety glasses are efficient because it combines safety glasses with reading bifocal so that you can learn and practice at the same time.”

The sportiest safety glasses, ideal for indoor use: V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

“Flexible, comfortable, and stylish, V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are the best choice for any tough work.”

Which are the best welding safety glasses?

#1. The best welding safety glasses overall: NoCry Safety Glasses

Welding Goggles-The best welding safety glasses overall: NoCry Safety Glasses

NoCry Safety Glasses are the best thing if you want to protect your eyes while welding. Like TIG welding goggles, they are designed to be protective, so you can have faith that no threat will penetrate them. They are built using durable scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and besides that, they provide superb eye protection – 90% UV protection.

There are more sizes of glasses. They can be customized, the side and nose pieces being adjustable, so you can have a perfect fit without slipping. Your face type and head size are just perfect because the glasses will fit properly and are comfortable to wear.

The polycarbonate lenses are created to be fog, glare, and scratch resistant. Even after hours of wearing them, you will be able to see clearly. Most people worry that their glasses will get fogged, but with  NoCry Safety Glasses, you can be sure that this will not happen. Lenses are available in glasses shade 5, shade 10, or shade 14 options for optimal welding.

These glasses are ideal for work and play, and in case you are not happy with them, or if there’s an issue, you can replace them.  For keeping them in good condition, wipe the polycarbonate lenses with a dry microfiber cloth and store them in the protective case.

#2. The best dual mold googles: Dewalt DPG82-11C

Welding Goggles-The best dual mold googles: Dewalt DPG82-11C

Here we are talking about some safe dual mold glasses. They provide super protection from dust and debris, having a hard coated lens. The seal around the goggles is great and offers a superb level of protection, and the peripheral vision is amazing, giving a perfect field of view.

If you are wearing prescription glasses, these safety goggles will fit perfectly over them. The lenses don’t fog, and the soft, dual-injected rubber fits every face. Available in glasses shade 5, shade 10, or shade 14 options for great welding results. They might be the most comfortable glasses on the market. The comfortable fit is provided by an adjustable and elastic 1-inch x 1-inch cloth head strap.

The built-in ventilation channel controls against fogging, and in case if you want to replace the lens, the clip attachment will help you do this. As the specification says, the Dewalt DPG82-11C offers 99,9% UV protection against UV rays. The package includes some clear lenses so you can replace them after a while.

#3. The most stylish, classic, but protective glassesMAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50

The most stylish, classic, but protective glasses: MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50

MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50provides 99,9% eye protection against harmful UV rays. The wraparound black frame gives awesome protection, and the clear lenses are excellent for providing peripheral vision. This model comes in different types of welding glasses shade options: shade 5, shade 10, shade 14, or green lens. They have a classic design, are comfortable to wear, and aren’t smashed flat against your face.

The frame is black, made of nylon, and the lenses are clear. However, extra lenses are available for different welding applications such as ARC welding work: welding shade 5, shade 10, etc. People won’t even know that you are wearing some welding goggles, unlike a welding helmet, because they are very stylish. The anti-fogging coating is better for clearer precision due to its hard-coated lens, which is scratch resistant.

You can wear them with prescription glasses because they are lightweight. The brand is a well-known importer and a professional distributor of different kinds of safety goggles, work gloves, and protective equipment. The safety of their clients is a must in their product development.

You can also order special ANSI Z87 1 lenses if required.

#4. The best mix, safety glasses with reading glass: Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal

The best mix, safety glasses with reading glass: Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal

The Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal welding glasses give the best side protection that you need. They also come with a reading glass. This mix is efficient for students and teachers when they have a lecture, but also for those individuals who follow some written instruction while they are doing their work.

For the price, this is our top pick for the best deal that you can get. The color of the lenses is clear, and the item weight is 3,20 ounces, so that means that they are lightweight.

If you are working with chemicals at work and you’re wearing reading glasses as well, all you have to do is to put the welding safety glasses Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocalover them. You don’t have to take them off.

The Dewalt DPG59-115C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocalcan be worn all day thanks to the snug fit. They are easy to maintain, being made from anti-scratch plastic, not glass, but you might have some problems with them because the dust from a table saw tends to stick to the lenses like a magnet. With a soft microfiber cloth, this dust can be removed immediately.

#5. The sportiest safety glasses, ideal for indoor useV30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

The sportiest safety glasses, ideal for indoor use: V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

The V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses are sporty and stylishly offer superb eye protection. They come with a single lens, and each pair comes with a great removable neck cord. This type of glasses is ideal for indoor usage, but they are good outdoors as well.  

No one wants to look ridiculous at work, and the great news is that you can be protected by this item and look cool at the same time. The heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC shade protection and are anti-scratch. You can say that these glasses are cheap but high-quality.

Welding glasses shade options include shade 5 lenses.

When you are taking your lunch, they don’t start causing pain. Breathing is not a problem with these safety glasses, protective cushioning around the nose, and lightweight plastic lens material make them super comfortable.

This pair of welding goggles’ main objective is to be protective and very comfortable, and the string around your neck can be considered a bonus.

Welding goggles – FAQ

What are the best welding goggles for the money?

The best welding glasses for the money are the MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50. These auto darkening welding goggles have an excellent price for how much they offer. The low base curve frame and clear side shields offer great peripheral vision and excellent protection. They have a classic design, fit comfortably, and aren’t squashed flat against your face.

You can order them online for only $8. They offer excellent protection, and you can replace them when they become worn out, without considering that you have to spend too much on them.

What are some good welding glasses?

Some good welding glasses are the NoCry Safety GlassesDewalt DPG82-11C, and MAGID Y50BKAFC Iconic Y50.

The first pair of welding glasses are designed to be protective, durable, and can be customized, the side and nose pieces being adjustable so that you can have a perfect fit with the wraparound frame.

The second pair of welding glasses are some anti-fog ones, and the soft, dual-injected rubber fits every face.

The elastic cloth head strap is useful but also very comfortable.

Finally, the third pair of welding glasses are made of nylon, and the lenses are clear. People won’t even know that you are wearing some welding glasses because they are very stylish.

If you need maximum protection, you could also consider:

  • The  Miller Electric Shade 5 0 darkening welding goggle (same lens shade as the welding helmet) 
  • Servore Auto Shade Darkening Welding Goggle, Welding shade 5 to 13) 

What makes good welding glasses?

The safety glasses have a special glass that protects your eyes from different threats.

The same criteria are used even in basic impact or high impact so that the application can be wide.

They can be considered safe after passing the test of high mass impact, durability, and high-velocity impact.

At the moment the specific criteria are met, the glasses are qualified as safety glasses.

These glasses/goggles are made to decrease the chances of getting injuries.

If you are interested in knowing if a pair of welding goggles has passed the velocity test, all you have to do is look for the “+” mark, like you find on the Miller Electric Shade 5 goggles. It indicates if they are approved or not.

Why are auto darkening welding goggles better?

Top brands like Servore Auto Shade Darkening and Miller Electric welding goggles offer premium eye protection. With the auto darkening welding feature, the lens shade must be dark enough because it makes it easier to see and do precise work while offering maximum eye protection. This same principle is employed in welding helmet design.

A shade darkening welding goggle might cost a little more, but having the right shade level for different welding applications like TIG welding/ARC welding makes welding much easier.

When the shade level is dark enough, it contributes directly to the overall quality of your welding work. Finer adjustment of shade allows you optimal vision while welding and can help you create the perfect safety weld. This feature is much better than the conventional green lens used for welding.

There is a range of shades available, including shade 3, shade 5-0, shade 10, shade 14,

What is important when we are looking for welding glasses?

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body; we all know that already. Those who refuse to wear safety glasses in hazardous areas are gambling recklessly with the health of their eyes.  You need to protect them properly if you want to have good vision, and the best way to do it while welding is by wearing some welding safety glasses.

We just recommended some different types of welding safety glasses, but here we have a more detailed guide for you to know how they should be and what to look for in a pair of welding safety glasses before buying. 

Scratch Resistant

The important thing is to be resistant to a variety of different impacts. The potential consequences for real life’s eyes will be devastating if the lenses are not resistant to various types of impact.

Like welding helmets, the norm stipulates that welding safety goggles must pass a short test at 120 meters per second, equating to about 430 km/h. The important thing for this glass is to resist the impact without breaking, but it is not guaranteed that they stay in place.

In this category, we include resistance to hot particles, sparks, and UV radiation. Eyes should never be put at risk when work involves flying sparks, and welding involves that, so the glasses should offer maximum protection for your eyes. Sparks must not burn or leave any visible marks on the frame or lenses.

Anti-fog lens

This is very important. The environment and the application are critical in choosing the coating that you need, so consider that. There are some coatings on the market that can offer you anti-fog on the inside if you need it. But, if the exterior is more important, then it should be resistant to scratches.

Close fit

The first and maybe the most important thing to consider is that one size does not fit all people.

The facial shapes and heads differ. Each employee can select the perfect fit from a variety of safety welding glasses/eyewear.

It would help if you searched for some glasses/goggles that are adjustable. This is how you will get a proper and customized fit. This part is crucial for safety and comfort.

Good welding glasses should offer you a low-pressure and lightweight fit.

You don’t desire to push welding glasses too close. Your eyelashes don’t have to touch the lens. They must fit close to your eyes because you don’t want to leave any major gaps. Besides that, make sure they fit comfortably around the ears.

Lens quality

We’ve talked about resistance, but it’s not all about that. The lens quality should be good enough and dark enough to reduce eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. With the right auto shade darkening features, the wearer can see the true color of objects and can have a natural vision if the lenses are of high quality.

Glasses/goggles with a low-quality lens can cause poor optical clarity. In case you didn’t know, this is the biggest factor of fatigue.

It would be even better if the lenses offer UV protection. In this way, your retina won’t be affected by the light of the sun.

Don’t try to save money when buying safety glasses/goggles because it’s the eyes we’re talking about. Here are 3 tips for choosing the best auto shade darkening welding safety glasses/goggles: the shape of the frame must contrast with that of your face; frames must be by the face’s size and choose a color complementary to the appearance of your face. Wrap-around frames are normally a good choice, but make sure they are compatible if you wear prescription glasses.